The 7 Plans All Property Investors Should Follow to Succeed

The 7 Plans All Property Investors Should Follow to Succeed

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04:52 The 7 plans you NEED to create over the course of your investment timeline.
06:36 Plan 1: The system you have in place to acquire your 3-6 properties.
09:27 Plan 2: Plan out your lending options: what is your loan to value ratio?
12:53 Plan 3: Keeping your investment up to date and relevant with repairs, upgrades.
13:50 Plan 4: Tax minimisation. Is your tax agent maximising your investment?
15:35 Plan 5: Debt reduction strategies to begin making a positive cash flow sooner.
18:03 Plan 6: The overall strategy of looking at your finances from above at 30,000ft.
19:45 Plan 7: Acceleration. How to bridge the gap between where you are and wealth.
22:02 Closing and Q&A.

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The Most Important Thing to Get Right as as Property Investor. What Is It?

Your ability to generate wealth from property investments is dependent on a number of factors, but the biggest contributor to long lasting wealth through investment is having a dedicated, resourceful and enthusiastic team alongside you. After all this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon and you need to be prepared. Join Jason today as he discusses the concept of the ‘6-star team’ and why, for property investors, it might be the most important thing to get right. Let’s Wealth Coffee Chat!

The 7 Plans All Property Investors Should Follow to Succeed

In part 5 of Jason’s deep dive into the basics of property investment he discusses ‘The 7 Plans’; the seven strategies that successful property investors use to hit their investment goals sooner. From planning, to LVI to debt reduction strategies, Jason covers the foundation that any new or seasoned property investor needs to succeed. Have you thought about how you’re going to get your next investment? Let’s Wealth Coffee Chat!

Buy and Hold vs Buy and Sell | How to Use the Income Engine to Invest Properly

In Part 4 of Jason’s series on the basics of property investment he introduces ‘The Income Engine’, a strategy that allows investors to visualise the positive cash flow generated by buy-and-hold investment deals and buy-and-sell investors. What works for you? Have you thought about your long term property investment strategy? Let’s Wealth Coffee Chat!

What Types of Property Should I Buy and Where Should I Buy Them? Why Diversification Is Important.

Part 3 of Jason’s deep dive into the fundamental cornerstones of Australian property investing. Today he rounds off the discussion on how many properties it will take to generate a positive cash flow and touches on the basics of the buy-and-hold investment strategy. Jason also discusses why diversification in property locations is so important: minimising land taxes, capital growth across different states and investor buying power are all key factors to spreading your investment over a larger area. Let’s Wealth Coffee Chat!

Earning $100K in Positive Cash Flow: How Many Properties Will I Need to Generate My Dream Income?

Last episode Jason spoke about how many properties an investor will need to start generating regular, passive income through real estate. Today he digs deeper and walks through the steps of turning your initial single property investment into two, then three, then five. Jason also discuss the differences between income and positive cash flow and he ends today’s chat with a sneak-peek at THE INCOME ENGINE, a critical framework that investors can use to boost their investment value by as much as 30% by diversifying their investment styles. Let’s Wealth Coffee Chat!

How Many Properties Do I Need to Earn Passive Income From Investing?

This is one the most common questions we get asked; how many properties do I need to own, paid off, that will allow me to earn passive income over time? Here Jason Whitton explains the process that you need to step through to find your magic number. Let’s Wealth Coffee Chat!

Step 1 of Property Investing: Where Do I Start?

Whether you’re a new investor or fully seasoned, the first step to getting yourself that next investment property is all about critically analysing where you are and figuring out the steps you’ll need to take to cross the gap and get where you want to be. It may sound like wasted time to some, but the world’s most successful investors never set foot out their front door without first knowing what roads they were going to take. Have you thought about your finances yet? Your borrowing capacity? Let’s Wealth Coffee Chat!

I’ve Coached Over 10,000 Investors | The 7 Plans All Successful Property Investors Need to Master

Property investing, it’s easy to say but difficult to do successfully. After 25 years investing and coaching over 10,000 investors we have distilled it into these steps. Let’s Wealth Coffee Chat!

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In our last episode, we delve into the topic of booming population growth and the ambitious plan to build 1.2 million homes in the next five years. We’ll explore whether this goal is achievable and how it aligns with our expected population increase over the next two decades. So, grab your coffee and join us for another enriching Wealth Coffee Chat.

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