Edgeblack property investors are helping everyday Australians achieve financial freedom through residential property investing. Our research and data driven investment approach enables our clients to make decisions that are based on science rather than emotion. Partnering with us means you will be working with some of Australia’s leading property minds. 

One of the major advantages of investing through Edgeblack is the in-depth research that goes into every single project we choose for our clients, whether it’s apartments, houses or townhouses our location selection criteria is vetted through a strict internal data model to ensure supply and demand equations work in favor of the buyer in the years to come. With this mindset our clients get to enjoy tremendous capital growth alongside with a healthy rental yield that would you help acquire more properties in the future to accelerate the goal of financial freedom.

Our unique approach enables our clients to access off the market deals and group buying discounts that are often hard to come by. In addition to that we have partnered with some of Australia’s leading property developers that are renowned for building quality homes that would stand the test of time. 

What Our Clients Say

With a community of investors trusting Edgeback to provide property selection we are proud to be have assisted our clients achieve tremendous results through property investments.


Company Profile

We are passionate about achieving above market returns for our investor community. 

We work with a variety of investors across Australia whether you are new to the game or an experienced investor

  • First Time Australian Investors
  • Buyers looking for their first home
  • Experienced Investors looking to diversify
  • International Investors looking to buy locally



Some common questions that we often get asked by potential investors

We analyse Australian residential property and identify suburbs and regions where growth are mostly likely to occur and in term help our clients to acquire properties in that region. We work for you not the developers and we only recommend the best developments to our clients

We recommend and sell residential properties only. We believe the residential asset class is a safe and predicable asset class that delivers exceptional returns over the medium to long term

All investments including residential properties have inherent risk. No organisation in the world can guarantee a return however with data analytics and in-depth research you are able to maximise the chances of a positive return with minimal downside risk

We definitely can, in fact having the ability to borrow is one of the first steps we will assess. Borrowing capacity is a fundamental step any investor will need to face during the process of property investing

Will Be Wealthy
Will Be Financially Secure
Will Need To Keep On Working Due To Financial
Will Need To Rely On The Pension

Our Process

Phase 1

Watch Our Discovery Webiner

Understand how property investment can be use as a tool to help achieve long term financial freedom, let us show how we interpret the market.
Phase 1
Phase 2

Have A 30 Minute Consultation With Our Experts

Everyones financial situation is totally different, let us have a talk to you in our free consultation and provide you a clear direction of where you want to be at in your financial goals.
Phase 2
Phase 3

Build Your Team Of Professionals

Having the right team around you is very important such as mortgage broker, accountants and conveyancer. Having the right mortgage broker is just as important as the property location.
Phase 3
Phase 4

Investment Grade Property Selection

Find and buy the right "investment grade" properties for maximum growth and income
Phase 4
Phase 5

Guiding You Through the Contract Of Sale

Going through the in depth property contract with you step by step to ensure you're well informed and protected with relevant clauses and clear from encumbrances
Phase 5
Phase 6

Organise The Property Management

To make the process a breeze we organise everything on your behalf and explain everything step by step to you so that you get the best rental income from your properties
Phase 6

Let's Accelerate Your Financial Freedom

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