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With an overwhelming amount of information available it is paramount investors are relying on factual information. At edgeblack we approach property investment with a scientific mindset and all decisions are centered around property data fundamentals.

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We help you design an investment plan that suits your personal goals



Our specialist financial strategist will structure your home loan and obtain finance



We recommend top performing properties that suit your budget and financial situation



We will structure your existing portfolio whether it would be divesting or investing

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Expert guidance and action orientated mindset will set you apart


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We focus on the needs of young professionals, first home buyers and mums and dads on getting have the right strategy that is tailored to their situation. 



We focus on changing your mindset and become finaically educated to make a well inform deicision in your investment journey.

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We are driven by technology and data analytics and continually seek an informative solutions to improve your investments and performance. 


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With a fast growing investment community our services have been recognised by clients across the board as one of the best in the industry

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Our project recommendations are based on in-depth research and data analytics


We operate at high efficiency levels across all levels of the organisation


We do not sugar coat any advice, all recommendations are honest opinions and we invest where our clients invest

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G'day Desmond, Your story on the investment property magazine, inspired me and uplifted my confident and faith about the career I have change to become a investor consultant. Recently I change my career from being a professional athlete to a businessman in the property industry. I have come from humble beginning and I know that from my parents working factory work, and earn 4 houses. I know that I've got no excuse to make it happen. I'm 22years old and I do also have a dream goal to retire at the age of 30years old and to live the rest of my life with my family and serving others in my faith. Thank you for your example in property development. I hope to catch up some time. Kindest regards Setefano Taukafa
Stef Taukafa
These guys are great! Me and my wife are very satisfied with all the services we got. I’m definitely recommending Mortgates to everybody!
John Doe
Company CEO
Skilled experts, low rates, wide selection of houses and various options for clients – what else can be needed! Awesome services and great staff!
Mary Fox



Property investment isn’t based on the number of properties you hold in your portfolio. The type of property, total income generated, debt levels, overall portfolio value are all important indicators that need to be tracked and assessed periodically to accurately determine what actions are required. Everyones definition of finanical freedom is different, some investors are purely looking for capital growth, some are chasing for passive income and some are adopting a more of a balanced approach. What type of properties you acquire will determine the status of your overall financial outcome. It is paramount you are mentored and guided by experts who have been on this journey.

There is no structure that fits all, but as a starting point it is important to choose the right financial products that reduces your overall interest liability. Amongst an overarching property portfolio strategy, financing and cash-flow planning are the most vital at it’s inception. Not getting the fundamentals correct from the beginning will hinder your progress in acquiring more properties down the track which ultimately effects how much you will be making.

The best time to start is yesterday. The earlier you start planning your property strategy the better. Australian house prices have been steadily rising over the past 30 years with annual compound growth being one the most attractive in the world. Getting into the market is the single most important thing to accelerate your long term financial goals. Historically short time market volatility balances out and market trends upwards on a medium to long term basis. Property is not a short term play, it requires patience and the ones who rides out the market are the ultimate winners.

Investors do not get rich by paying off their primary residence. The aim is to acquire numerous properties through leverage and expand the total amount invested to generate higher returns. Capital growth is the main driver that will deliver you ultimate financial freedom, cash-flow is great but the end often is the accumulation of capital combined with positive cash-flow that delivers the lifestyle.

Cars are depreciating assets, it is not a good idea to acquire assets that do not increase in value over time. There is a difference between looking wealthy versus actually being wealthy.

Mortgage brokers get paid an upfront commission by the bank as a one off payment for the research and sourcing of the loan. The upfront commissionis a pre-determined percentage of the loan amount and each bank will pay slightly differently. The broker is also paid a trail commission. This is anongoing percentage of the remaining balance of the loan (less any amount in an offset account).

You don’t have to, in fact you can go directly to the bank. However, brokers have the advantage of accessing multiple institution for funding, this often means better deals and rates for the end client.

Not necessarily, lower interests means lower repayments that is common knowledge, however different financial products provide different levels of flexibility and you have to be careful which product you choose as this may impact how many properties you can acquire down the track. Things such as offset accounts, breakout fees, variable versus fixed, interest only or principle plus interest are all part of the consideration while choosing a loan

That comes down to how much equity you have in your existing home and the cash-flow position of your investment property. Talk to an Edgeblack advisor

Interest rates are constantly fluctuating and depending on your personal circumstances you are able to choose from a diverse range of products. Talk to our advisors for more detail

That is a common question that is often asked by investors. To determine which suburbs are the most investment worthy comes down to many factors and variables, suburb profiles fluctuate according to external factors as well as government spending. Both macro and micro indicators will affect where you should be investing. Edgeblack uses comprehensive data modelling to predict suburbs that are most likely to deliver strong results for clients. Our aim is to deliver above market results for our community members

Well our stock recommendations are based on in-depth research and our team of experts have spent hundreds of hours each week crunching through numbers and reports to come up with property models that mimic what is going to happen in the future. The rigor in research and data driven methodology means our approach is scientific and not reliant on emotions and past prejudices. Our goal is to take out the guessing component and apply scientific ways in property investing. Internally we have strong quality control function and we assess developers based on a number of metrics and if they don’t pass any one of them we will reject that project and move on to the next one.

The short answer is, it’s a road map to what you want to achieve when you retire and how you can achieve it by investing in property.

Founders of Edgeblack Property Investors are experienced investors with a healthy property portfolio built over a short period of time. The key to success in property investing is mindset combined with education.


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