What Makes a Super Dad

When parenting goes right, children excel in life, are upstanding citizens, and add tremendous value to society.

According to my Rich Habits research, good parenting is the #1 driver of success.

Children who are raised in stable, mentoring, and loving households grow up to beat the pants off their peers who were not so fortunate.

Behind every successful child is a Mom and Dad who get that their most important role is that of a mentor.

What makes a Dad a Super-Dad?

Below is a list of characteristics I uncovered in my research that only Super-Dads possess:

Super-Dads Read To Their Kids.
Super-Dads Help Their Kids With Homework.
Super-Dads Attend Their Kids Sporting Events.
Super-Dads Are Affectionate.
Super-Dads Help Set Rules and Enforce Rules.
Super-Dads Make Their Kids Do Chores.
Super-Dads Encourage Their Kids to Pursue Their Passions.
Super-Dads Encourage Their Kids to Embark on Novel Activities.
Super-Dads Play With Their Kids.
Super-Dads Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences.
Super-Dads Inspire Their Kids.
Super-Dads Teach Their Kids to Exercise Regularly.
Super-Dads Encourage Their Kids to Take Action and Help Them Find the Lesson in Failures and Mistakes.
Super-Dads Console Their Kids When They Hurt.
Super-Dads Teach Their Kids to Laugh.
Super-Dads lavish Their Kids With Love.
Super-Dads Infuse Their Kids With a Positive Mental Outlook. 

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