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If you’re earning good money in your fifties or early sixties, the pressure is on. Your retirement planning will never be as important as it is now.

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We are passionate about achieving above market returns for our investor community. 

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Some common questions that we often get asked by potential investors

Hi, I'm Desmond Dao

I’ve been helping Australians create exciting, self-funded retirements for the past 15 years. I’d love to invite you to watch my online webinar presentation where:

  • You’ll discover some of the biggest mistakes I see self-funded retirees make
  • I’ll share my best strategies for making more money from the assets you already have
  • I’ll explain a specific example of how one of our clients significantly boosted their retirement savings
  • All at no cost to you. This means you have nothing to lose. This could be time well invested.


Company Profile

We are passionate about achieving above market returns for our investor community. 

We work with a variety of investors across Australia whether you are new to the game or an experienced investor

  • First Time Australian Investors
  • Buyers looking for their first home
  • Experienced Investors looking to diversify
  • International Investors looking to buy locally



Some common questions that we often get asked by potential investors

We analyse Australian residential property and identify suburbs and regions where growth are mostly likely to occur and in term help our clients to acquire properties in that region. We work for you not the developers and we only recommend the best developments to our clients

We recommend and sell residential properties only. We believe the residential asset class is a safe and predicable asset class that delivers exceptional returns over the medium to long term

All investments including residential properties have inherent risk. No organisation in the world can guarantee a return however with data analytics and in-depth research you are able to maximise the chances of a positive return with minimal downside risk

We definitely can, in fact having the ability to borrow is one of the first steps we will assess. Borrowing capacity is a fundamental step any investor will need to face during the process of property investing

During This Information-Rich Video Presentation You’ll Discover…


The financial levers you can pull NOW, to help you create a better, richer retirement


Why less than 10% of people achieve the wealth they need to create their dream retirement (and how you can be in the 10% when you retire)


My proven “Game Of Money” model,

My proven “Game Of Money” model, and how it benefits your financial plan

My best solutions to the challenges most common pre-retirees face


Who the “frauds” are in the financial world

Going through the in depth property contract with you step by step to ensure you're well informed and protected with relevant clauses and clear from encumbrances

Organise The Property Management

The 5 steps of the retirement planning process you MUST get right, if you want to really enjoy your retirement years

A comparison of the main strategies for achieving the ideal retirement portfolio (Shares, Property, a Super fund, Debt Repayment)


A real financial planning framework (using a case study of a client of ours) that shows you how you could easily double your retirement portfolio in the next 7-10 years


Some of our Awesome Testimonials

Des took all my money, and now I got mad properties! A++ would go into further debt if the banks would let me. What a wealth of knowledge Des has.
Timothy Crofts
These guys are literally life changing. They have shown me working 9 to 5 isn't a really good way to get ahead of life. Thank you

Van Le
Have known Des for a long time and he has help me through my journey as a property investor. Extremly knowledgeable, would recommend to others.
Julian Singson
Edgeblack is highly professional and Des have demonstrated honesty throughout the process

emma zacks
Bought my first investment property through Edgeback and I am very thankful for the decision. The research was solid

mary fox
We were so pleased with our experience with Desmond at Edgeblack. He was such a wealth of knowledge to us in our property investment journey.
Irene Doe

About Desmond Dao

Desmond Dao is one of Australia’s leading financial planning practitioners and thinkers.

He is the co founder of Edgeblack Property Investors who has bought 14 properties in 7 years.

Despite founding a large group, Des’s true passion is working personally with clients (some of whom he’s been advising continuously for over 10 years).

Outside work, Des is a keen tennis player, active toastmaster participant.

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