Video: Intelligent Property Investor Update

In mid-2020 business confidence hit an all time low.

And how could it not? Lockdown meant small business had to turn away paying customers, all to appease our political overlords…

Well, it’s happening again in 2021. And the clock is ticking for Aussie businesses once again.

The pollies are a little better now, but plenty of peoples livelihoods are still at risk, worse so with the federal government unwilling to offer the same level on support they did in 2020.

But are the buffoons in parliament really to blame? I’ve compiled a video report on the subject, here’s everything it covers.

Why lockdown is making business and consumes nervous…But confidence is property is sky-high.Why sales are surging to record highsAnd the city where property is growing at 32% right now.And much, much more….

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