Video: Governments Covid model is “GARBAGE”?

So the Australian government recently released their projections for covid and how vaccinations rates will pull us out of lockdown hell…

So I decided to take a look, and shockingly enough, the data goes beyond misleading…

It’s not a matter of it being wrong, infact, it’s almost less than just ‘wrong’.

When you look at the facts, it’s meaningless, it’s nothing.

And it’s being used to support the government narrative.

So I wanted to talk about it this, and it ties into your wealth more than you think…

Here’s what else I’m covering in this episode.

What the ‘early lockdown’ effects look likeWhere credit is picking up and why that’s a good thingWhat the ‘three phases’ of global house prices areWhy data crunchers have no idea what’s going on in PerthAnd why the ‘Spring Selling Season’ is cancelled.And much, much more.

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