Video: Experts in THIS CITY are “blind to the boom”

As the market continues to soar, experts are still left in the dark.

In this weeks episode, we explore the city that experts are sailing into completely blind…

And how those in the know are about to make out like bandits.

On top of that, here’s what else I want to cover.

Why the RBA told of the markets this week
…and why that means the EZ money boom is here to stay.Why buyers are beating down people’s doors
…And why that’s got real estate agents nervousWhat online search activity for property is booming
…And what that means for property pricesWhy builders are going bust in record numbers
…And what that will do to property prices in 18 months

Huge episode, and I don’t skimp on the details.

Despite that, the run time is under 30 minutes, enjoy.

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