Video: Endless Lockdowns to CRASH property market?

As cases skyrocket and government efforts to vacc are wrapped up in supply issues, many are becoming scared that property will once again take a hit amidst the renewed covid calamity.

But the virus itself has very little to do with house prices.

It’s the fear that drives people hearts, and their wallets.

I decided to cut through the usual TV sob stories and try to expose what going to drive property prices as we enter the vaccination age, as well as a whole lot more.

Here’s what else you’ll learn in this episode…

Is consumer confidence going to kill the covid recovery?Why brisbane and perth are the 2 cities to watch for accelerated growth in the the next 12 monthsWhich little country is having a big impact on Aussie propertyWhy the richer you are the less likely you are to get a divorceAnd much, much more.

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