UPI Buying New v Old Real Estate

Should you get involved with old real estate or newer properties? In this episode, we will assess both and you will walk away from this episode able to make an informed decision when faced with a much older property or a new property to invest in.

We use one of the best business books ever written as our guide in this discussion, The Art of War. The Art of War teaches that you should know your strategy, know your terrain, and know your enemy.

So we will be discussing the strategy, terrain, and enemies involved with newer and older real estate investments. 


I also discuss – 

3:50 – What influences your investment decisions? 

9:50 – Who is influencing the future of real estate? 

14:25 – Real estate culture needs an overhaul 

25:37 – Shape your portfolio to solve this problem 

29:54 – You need to know this about downsizers 

42:33 – Pros and cons of older properties 

51:39 – Beware of these words in a listing 

52:54 – Why not to buy a new property 


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