T-Bomb: Want to know how I spend my money?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: You’ve got to be generous with money AND time.

I spend my time the way I spend my money.


You should see some of the crazy things I blow my time on. 6-hour lunches. Joy flights over the harbour. Cuddle-in-bed Sundays.

I’m dishing out minutes the way a hip-hop rapper dishes out hundred dozza bills.

And you know how much time I waste?

Zero. None. Not a second.

That might sound strange to my Instagram followers – the people who see all the weird and wonderful things that I get up to.

But in the same way that all of my money is productive money, all of my time is productive time.

And in the same way that I choose to spend money on myself, I also choose to spend time on myself.

I choose to allocate time to myself in the time budget (a.k.a “the schedule”), and I choose to spend time to doing the things that really light me up.

There’s no point being so tight with money that you never allow yourself to enjoy it. And there’s no point be so disciplined with time that you never have any fun.

In the same way that we all need a little bit of ‘spending money’ for the things that give our life zest, we all need a little bit of ‘spending time’ too.

Life is for living. Money is for spending. Time is for enjoying.

But spending time is not idle time. It’s not time that you don’t know what you’re going to do with. It’s not time where you’re just going to scroll through Facebook and wait for inspiration.

It’s not time watching ‘any old thing’ on telly just to ‘kill some time’.

‘Spending time’, like all your time should be, is conscious time. It’s time consciously and deliberately given to life’s little joys.

So don’t waste time. I’m not telling you to do that.

But I am telling you to spend your time a little extravagantly. Splash it around. Enjoy it. Let yourself live a little.

Life’s too short to waste a single second.


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