T-Bomb: Two questions before the end of the year

Truth Bomb Tuesday: If you get your push and pull sorted, you’re sorted.

As we roll into the end of the year there’s two questions I want you to ask yourself:

How’s my pull? How’s my push?

When you are calling things into your life, these questions are key.

The pull is your attractive power. What are you calling in? What are you attracting?

In part, this is about desire. How bad do you want it? Do you know what ‘it’ is? Have you got super clear on what you want and what you want to achieve?

Have you got your ‘peg in the sand’? Have you laid out your 12 month and five year goals? Your ten year goals?

Does the great Amazon warehouse in the sky know what it needs to bundle up and send your way?

Get clear, get excited?

Also, get focused. Are you calling in things you don’t actually want? Are you vibrating and meditating on negativity and sour experiences, calling them in again and again?

Set up your gratitude practice so the universe really knows what you want to be calling in.

These are the disciplines of the pull.

Now, what about the push?

The push is about what you’re are keeping out. What are you subconsciously rejecting?

Do you believe you deserve to be wealthy (or happy, or married, or whatever)? Do you feel you are worthy of it?

Do you think you are ‘good’ enough? Or that you’ve worked hard enough? Or that you’ve done enough for others so that you can finally give yourself something nice?

As I’ve said, the concept of deservedness is pretty flawed – I just don’t think the world works that way.

But I do know that if you have a story in your head that you don’t deserve it, then it’s not going to happen.

Also are you comfortable with the kinds of wealth you say you want to manifest? If you suddenly had a million dollars, would it just create so much cognitive dissonance – would it just be so incompatible with the picture you have of yourself – that you manage to make that money disappear, one way or the other?

Can you see yourself in the wealth and success you say you want to create, and do you feel comfortable in that picture?

If not, then you’re going to keep success at arm’s length – you’re going to push it away.

Making sure that you’re not doing this – that you’re not pushing everything away – this is the discipline of the push.

And that’s what success comes down to.

What are you calling in? And what are you pushing away?

Get these two lined up, and you might be surprised at just how quickly your dream life starts to take shape.


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