T-Bomb: My secret ‘spiritual mission’.

Truth Bomb Tuesday: How property investing took me closer to God.

You need to guard your enthusiasm, jealously.

Don’t let anyone take it away from you. Don’t let anyone make you small. Stay away from people who make you feel like you should ‘tone it down’.

Don’t tone it down.

If anything, turn it up. Turn it up to eleven and get the party of your life started. Who cares if the neighbours call the cops? You’ve only got one shot at this.

Turn. It. Up.

I’ve actually made this my ‘spiritual mission’ in life – to turn it up.

People think having a ‘spiritual mission’ means wearing cheese cloth and beads and quietly handing out cups of water to poor people.

And for some people, maybe that is their spiritual mission.

But it’s not mine.

Mine is to live a life of full-power enthusiasm.

Remember where the word ‘enthusiasm’ comes from.

It’s from the Greek “en-theos” : to be filled with spirit – with divine energy.

So enthusiasm is a spiritual state of being. You are fully alive in your life, and you are as close to spirit as you’re ever going to be.

If there is such a thing as a ‘spiritual mission’, then this is it: to live enthusiastically.

Now, I might say that we all share this spiritual mission, but note that in practice, each mission is deeply personal.

For some people it is coarse cheese-cloth and a begging bowl.

But for others it might be dancing. For others it might be teaching. For others it might be fixing people’s cars.

For me it’s helping people tap the wealth and abundance life has to offer and to live life on their own terms.

That’s what gets me going.

But only you can know what experiences you are hungry for.

What is it that turns you on? What juices you up? What is it that gets that divine energy thumping through your veins?

Kite-surfing? Cage-wrestling? Flower-arrangement?

Only you can know.

Your spiritual mission is as unique as you are.

But it all starts with cultivating your enthusiasm and lust for life. It starts with giving yourself that permission – permission to get excited; permission to have passion.

So that’s why I say ‘guard your enthusiasm’. Don’t let anyone take it from you. Don’t let them make you small.

Turn it up and turn it up loud.

You don’t have long on the rock.

And life’s too short to play it quiet.


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