T-Bomb: How to stay alive

Truth Bomb Tuesday: We die when we stop allowing.

Just make me one promise:

Don’t resign your aliveness.

Not now. Not ever. Don’t resign your aliveness.

I know life can be tough. There are things that make you angry. There are times when you feel grief and sadness… or jealousy and resentment… or abandoned and alone.

The human heart has capacity for all of these things.

But this is never the problem.

The problem comes when we “resign our aliveness” – when we don’t let these emotions breathe fresh life into us.

Because that is what these emotions are designed to do – breathe life into us. Anger should fill you with energy so you can fight for what is right. Jealousy should fill you with energy so you know how to treat yourself better.

And Grief is there to show you just how deeply you have loved.

Emotions are there to breathe fresh life into us. That is literally their job.

But they don’t. Or rather, they’re not allowed to. We don’t let them.


Well, either we have been taught that the best way to navigate life is to keep all these emotions locked down and bottled up in a little powder-keg inside our bellies;

… or, we live in a world that never gives us time to properly move with these emotions. We say, “I can’t feel grief right now. I’ve got to pick up the kids from school, and fix the back fence, and get to work by 9, and figure out how I’m going to pay the electricity…”, and on and on it goes.

No wonder we give up.

But we start dying as soon as we start giving up. As soon as we throw up our hands and stop listening to our emotions… as soon as we close the door to the capacity our emotions have to breathe fresh life into us; as soon as we “Resign our aliveness” because it’s all just too hard.

At that point, we begin to die.

Our lives become grey and cold.

And without the colour and energy of emotion, there is nothing but despair and depression and hopelessness.

Every emotion is there to bring you alive. What you do with it is up to you – you don’t have to act on your anger if you don’t want to – but don’t deny the energy the emotion is there to give you.

Don’t resign your aliveness.

You were born to live.


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