A year to get it sorted

Sometimes nothing happens unless you make it happen.

Is this the year you’re going to get it sorted?

Tell me it is. Tell me this is the year you bite the peach straight off the tree and get it sorted.

Because I have some shocking news for you: 2021 is over. Done. Dusted.

In fact, it’s already yesterday news. Everyone has moved on. Something, something Novak Djokovic.

But that’s another year that’s gone. And how many do you have? 80 or so, if you’re lucky.

And if you didn’t get it sorted last year, are you going to get it sorted this year?

Are you?

I remember talking to a student a while ago – a lovely man in his sixties, wanting to make a little more of his retirement.

And he told me that he was kind of embarrassed to be there.

Because he always planned to take charge of his finances. He always planned to climb up out of the rat race and make something of himself.

And he always had the resources to do it. He was smart, he had a good job. He’d built up a lot of equity in his home. He had a modest but tidy share portfolio.

But he just never did it.

Something always got in the way. The kids were starting school or finishing school. We’re redoing the kitchen this year, or revamping the bathroom. We’re getting a promotion this year, or we’re planning a trip overseas.

And so it just never happened.

It was always about to happen. It was always just around the corner. He just never bit the bullet and made it happen.

He never got it sorted.

And look, that’s fine. He wasn’t unhappy. He had lived a full life. He had a lovely family and he had enjoyed his work. It was all ok.

The only thing was this nagging regret in his mind – that he could have got it sorted sooner, if only he had made it more of a focus.

If only he had taken a year or two, cleared all the distractions from his plate, and got his financial reality sorted.

Because that’s all it takes.

Yes, wealth can be a life-long journey, but in my experience, 90% of it happens in the first two years.

After that, most students know the ropes. They’ve found the strategies that the like to work with.

For most students, after two years they’ve set themselves up as a money-making machine, that just happily ticks over from that point on.

They took the time, got focused, and got it sorted.

And so that’s my hope for you. Particularly if you’re not lucky enough to be in financial crisis (nothing is as motivating as the threat of bankruptcy.)

Let this be the year where you finally get it sorted.

Take the time, clear your head of distractions,

… and let’s get it did!


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