99% Of Property Investors Should Buy, Not Sell

99% Of Property Investors Should Buy, Not Sell

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Well, let’s find out what that is. Let’s Wealth Coffee Chat!

0:00 – Introduction.
1:37 – Shows start.
4:05 – One of my catch cries is Buy well, don’t sell.
6:07 – We should all understand that real estate is a very slow investment vehicle, and that’s ok.
7:16 – The 1% of the time when it’s actually better to sell, let’s talk about that.
7:54 – A bit of context, the 3 stages of property investment.
15:01 – The 3 main reasons why we would like to sell a property.
16:15 – Dud/Lemon = SELL!
23:01 – PPR Upgrade = SELL!
24:15 – Strategic reason (i.e. more tax effective) = SELL!
26:33 – Closing thoughts.

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